A new video for ‘MUCH’, a typically dense, angular track, by the brilliant LA rapper, Busdriver. A low-budget, simulated single-shot video (with the cuts disguised when the camera moves into dark stairwells), it opens and closes with Busdriver riding a kid’s bike. There is a small genre of music videos featuring singers on bicycles, and this has a tangential relationship to these, but by contrast with the celebration of conspicuous consumption in many contemporary music videos, the absence of speedboats, cars and luxurious houses is especially striking. Although we see him throwing banknotes onto a fire at one point, the sight of him riding a little girl’s battered bike that is far too small for him is the perfect rejoinder to the machismo, self-importance and profligacy of many celebrities.

Hip hop videos featuring cycling are not so much a sub-genre as perhaps, a micro-genre. This video by Australian duo Hugo and Treats, which blends poetry with rap and combines treated samples from tapping and scratching the bicycle frame and wheels with samples from (of course) Queen’s ‘Bicycle Race’, is surely the most thematically single-minded example.

From the same year, this video by Austrian rapper Skero is a more explicit parody of hip hop video conventions, the extraordinary array of custom-built and modified bikes substituted for the lowriders, luxury jeeps and sports cars that typically feature in these videos.